The Queen's Giant

Fusing elements of Rock, Blues, Country, and Electronica, The Queen's Giant brings a high energy sound with a refinement and flavor that oozes originality. Accompanied with an inventive rhythm section and diverse keyboard synthesizers, Brendon Jacobsen drives this project via attractive songwriting and a raw, penetrating guitar.   Forming in 2021 in Wilmington, NC, The Queen's Giant aims to establish a brand that offers a professional, highly entertaining live act while we meticulously craft our debut album. Each musician in this band comes from a completely different background, and it is our understanding of each other's unique perspective that drives the creative direction. The variety of influences each artist applies to the project produces an amusing, dynamic sound complemented by a dazzling lead guitar, a sturdy, guttural bass, and a sentimental yet striking match of keys propelled by bolting percussion.

Brendon describes the music as a fun and refreshing take on arrangement. "We like to honor the sounds across genres; honor Country music, EDM, we like to honor the Blues... we don't want the project to sound the same every song, we want the show to be spontaneous." Every musician in this project has had to overcome their own extended period of personal struggles to get where they are today. In an existential attempt to explain the foundation of the projects content, it could be argued the lyrics of some songs express a longing and desire of some missed opportunity, a motif that conveys the paralysis of personal struggle.  This theme, coupled with driving rock'n'roll and multi genre elements, engenders an identifiable experience that conveys to the listener that no matter our struggles, no matter who we are, the world doesn't stop, and it is our responsibility to accept and overcome our defects. "At times, these thoughts can be a little cliche when applied to songwriting," Brendon confesses, "but we really just want to make good music, a consistent sound that has changes, a sound that evolves and tells a story as the album progresses."

What started as a few acquaintances that just wanted to have fun and play some tunes, The Queen's Giant has developed into lifelong friendships that created something organic.  "I had a few songs, you know, folk type singer/songwriter stuff I brought to our first meet.  I could tell right off the bat this wasn't going to work for these guys, so I had some rock'n'roll type stuff I started to play instead," Brendon states. What followed was an original sound written on top of some contemplative lyrics. "I got what he was saying right away," bassist Austin Redwine states.  "Not only that, but what his guitar was saying was equally as interesting."  Recognizing he needed a supporting cast to continue his concepts, Brendon charged Christopher Rocca on keys to add a fresh perspective to the work. "These guys are able to see things I can't," Brendon describes.  "We really do complete each other in a totally cheesy way."

The Queen's Giant can currently be found touring the Wilmington music scene, occasionally traveling to other NC locations.  "Every time we play, we get great feedback from the fans, the venues are all eager to have us back," Brendon comments on the initial success of the band. "Our most immediate goal is to release our debut album in early 2024, maybe by the end of 2023. While we fine tune our performance and sound, we absolutely are humbled to play alongside some of the other working acts Wilmington has to offer.  Dead Fox No Groove, Honeysickle, artists like Isaac Flowers and Lilly & The Loud Music Company to name a few."  If you ask the band what they want to get out of this project, you'll likely get four different responses; but their ability to work together and their love for music keeps them grounded and actively working together to achieve a collective goal.


Brendon Jacobsen - Guitar, Vocals

Christopher Rocca - Keys

Austin Redwine - Bass

Jackson DeGrappo - Drums